Detective, First Person

Developer: Take2 Games
Release: 1997

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"November, 1941. As America braces herself for world war, a vicious serial killer stalks the nation’s industrial heartland. Known as the “Torso Killer”, this cunning psychopath ritualistically dismembers his victims with chilling precision. Could it be these brutal murders are but one thread in a vast and ancient tapestry of supernatural intrigue? From the streets of Cleveland to war-torn Europe to a Los Angeles flush with victory, Black Dahlia leads the player through an eerie landscape of death, deceit, and occult destiny to unravel a time-lost mystery. As Jim Pearson, rookie agent of the U.S. intelligence service, you must break through the veils of deadly illusion in a desperate attempt to prevent humanity’s greatest nightmare from becoming an unspeakable reality."

Βαθμολογία: 1/5