First Person

Developer: Tomahawk
Release: 1989

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"At that far away time in history, when the globe was still our caring, yet ungrateful mother, there was a land whose borders were protected by high mountains, and whose existence few people knew of. Lying serenely at the heart of a narrow valley, beauty and luxury vied with each other in this land where the climate was mild, life was sweet, and you were in the KINGDOM OF THE ASHES... But one night, this paradise was to be turned into a hell: the whole country began to quake, gigantic cracks broke open the ground, from where boiling, devastating lava sprang out in fiery jets. The mountains bordering the kingdom spat out heaps of grey ash...when the Earth's belly had ceased to rumble, the former paradise was nothing but ruins and desolation... You play the role of a gnome named Djel. You have three basic missions: Find the daughter of Azeulisses, brew a magic potion for Theros and try to obtain a certain amount of Gold for the starving members of Kal's tribe."