Third Person

Developer: Exortus - Amber Company
Release: 1998

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"Liath is set in the city of Azeretus, where, for some strange reason, the flow of time is incorrect. Criss, Ithena, and Tiche are long time friends and when Tiche moves to Azeretus, Criss and Ithena do not hear from her for a long time. Tiche is unaware of this fact because of the distortion of time in Azeretus. Eventually, Criss and Ithena decide to go to Azeretus themselves, not knowing that return from Azeretus is impossible. And so the story begins, with Criss and Ithena in their search for Tiche in the magical city of Azeretus. During their quest, it becomes clear that this is not just a simple search to find Tiche. It involves the fate of the magical city itself as well as the fate of the entire world..."