Science Fiction, Third Person

Developer: Creative Reality
Release: 2000

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"June 17, 2019 - a deadly game begins. Your three-member investigative team makes planetfall on Mars and enters the derelict Vita base. You are caught nearly defenseless against the ancient nightmare hidden within. The game descends upon an isolated, lonely world that is anything but barren. In this gothic action-adventure, your investigative team becomes immediately aware their very survival depends upon their ability to work together while staying apart. Your entire team has already contracted the monstrous infection that plaques Vita base, and the former Vita crew are not as dead as they appear to be. The investigation becomes a battle to stay alive as the team uncovers the mystery of the base on Mars, exploring both the interior and part of the Martian surface until - finally - they confront the appalling secret hidden deep underground, a secret older then humanity..."