Third Person

Developer: Mikroids
Release: 2004

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"Having searched Eastern and Western Europe for a missing heir, Kate Walker finally completed her long and arduous journey, obtaining the signature of Hans Voralberg and closing the automaton factory buyout. Mission accomplished? Not for this sophisticated New York lawyer… An unlikely pair, young Kate Walker and old, eccentric Hans Voralberg now set off on a journey together: in search of the last of the fabled Syberian mammoths at the heart of a long forgotten universe. The surreal quest Hans began alone several years ago will come to a final close and he and Kate face obstacles far more dangerous than ever before, testing their courage and determination. Far and beyond, a mystical Syberia awaits their arrival…"

•  Ο,τι ειπώθηκε για το Syberia I ισχύει και για τό ΙΙ. Η ποιητική γραφή τού Sokal δέν μπορεί παρά νά επισκιάσει τό παιχνίδι καί νά σέ μπερδέψει στήν αξιολόγησή του. Είναι ίσως η μοναδική φορά πού τελειώνοντας ένα απλοικό, και σε φάσεις βαρετό, adventure, αισθάνεσαι ότι τελικά, άξιζε τόν κόπο.

Βαθμολογία: 3/5