Science Fiction, First Person

Developer: Intelligent Games
Release: 1996

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"It is the dawn of the third millennium. But instead of an age of great happiness and human perfection, the earth has plunged into hellish chaos. The only hope lies hidden in the ancient past, in the legendary energy of the Holy Grail itself – and your ability to find it. You are a brave, new, high-technology Raptor cast into the Knight’s Templar – the vast, lost, underground sanctum of the sacred cup. Your charge: retrieve this legendary chalice of the Last Supper and return its healing power to a forsaken planet. But this is no safe sanctuary. It is a labyrinth of the mutated and deadly. To these bizarre denizens who have guarded the cup for centuries, you are just another petty thief. And they are waiting for you."

Βαθμολογία: 3/5