First Person

Developer: Viacom
Release: 1994

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"Yo, shake it off, pal. Look around. You’re lying face up on the cold tiles of a sunny bathroom, and just a few feet away is a dead Tooth Fairy. You’re Sam Frost – convict, virtual reality (“V”) addict, cyberplumber. Rude awakening! You’ve just arrived at the Alexandria, Metacorp’s hush-hush, posh resort where rich, famous people come to get their fix of the nation’s most intense synthetic experience. Metacorp’s execs need the best cyberplumber around to find out why their visitors, who are usually rolling in cash, are not doused in embalming fluid. They found you in prison, they smuggled you here, and now you have four days and nothing but your logic, instincts, and the stuff you trip over to figure it out – and stay alive."