Science Fiction, First Person

Developer: Istvan Pely Productions
Release: 1995

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"She was the Earth's finest pleasure cruiser. The S. S. Majestic, a crowning achievement in space travel, a vessel of unprecedented luxury and comfort. On her maiden voyage, she set sail from Earth's harbor and never returned. One week later, a lifeboat containing The Majestic's surviving passengers was discovered adrift off the Pleiades nebula. Missing was her captain and two others. In the weeks surrounding the rescue, experts tried to explain the tragedy. Rumors spread through the quadrant about the infamous Baron and an alien artifact he had on board. Unfortunately, no one had any answers - even the survivors' testimony differed. Eventually, the exhaustive search for the ship was abandoned. It would have ended there, if it were not for a faint signal recorded by the Venus Observatory - a signal soon identified as the Majestic's locator beacon. Hoping to shed some light on the Majestic's disappearance, they send the closest field archaeologist to investigate. They Send You. In a lone expedition shuttle, you wing your way toward the Pleiades. The mission is clear: find and attempt to explain what happened to the Majestic. Expecting to find a field of debris, you arrive at the nebula and find much more..."