Interactive, First Person

Developer: Delta 4
Release: 1993

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"A cold day, late in October, and you're driving along an unfamiliar country road. After a while the constant road noise and repetitive throb of the engine drift away. Your mind wanders as the dashboard display blurs out of focus. You're thinking of the weekend, about stopping off later to get something to eat. You don't really notice the bank of mist that envelops the car as you speed up a hill. Suddenly, you jolt back into consciousness as a car looms up ahead of you out of the mist. It's sideways on, completely blocking the road as you stab desperately for the brakes..."

Στα [-]
•  Μικρό, απλοικό καί χαζό.
•  Οι Τίτλοι αρχής καί τέλους έχουν σχεδόν τήν ίδια διάρκεια μ' αυτήν τού παιχνιδιού.

•  Μιά αποτυχημένη προσπάθεια δημιουργίας κινηματογραφικού adventure.

Βαθμολογία: 0,5/5

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