Third Person

Developer: Mikroids
Release: 1996

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"In the 1950s. The place is the Indo-Chinese country of Opalia. Opalia has become the target of the USSR and the United States and its geographic position has made it a real hot spot in the Cold War battle of the superpowers. Networks of underground informants and foreign spies have totally destabilised this once peaceful country and local rebels, led by the devious Prime Minister Vishaha, are trying to topple the king. The safety of Opalia is in your hands alone... you can't let them down!"

•  Τό παιχνίδι φαίνεται νάχει ενδιαφέρον, αλλά ο χειρισμός του (τουλάχιστον στήν Pc έκδοσή του) είναι τόσο κακός πού σέ αναγκάζει νά τό παρατήσεις πολύ-πολύ πρίν φτάσεις στό τέλος του...

Βαθμολογία: 1/5