First Person

Developer: Vascotia Studios
Release: CNCL

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"Long ago, in ancient times there was a race called the Atlanteans. Vast in riches and culture they thrived for millenia. A stricht hieracry society strecthing for miles and miles. Thruout history mankind has searched for ages for this mysterious city with little or no success. It was under an earthquake in Northern Norway that a team of Volcanologists and Scientists was dispatched to surveillance this activity. The perma frost ice around a certain area had also started to melt. The team searched for clues if it was connected to the recent earthquake. After an aftershock a few team members falls into a cavern deep underground thus trapping themselfes below surface. Area seems moist and warm with running water and melted ice. The cave entrance collapses due to the unstable nature of the cave systems. There is no way out. They have no choice but to press on inside the cave to see where it leads. What they are about to find out will change the history of mankind forever."