Science Fiction, Third Person

Developer: CyberPhobX
Release: CNCL

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"Police officer Jane Davis unexpectedly finds herself in the middle of a hostage rescue operation conducted by operatives of a classified government agency. The sudden change of events puts sensitive information in her hands she would not have been supposed to see. Her curiosity drives her to start her own investigation. However, it clearly becomes clear that the agency wants to prevent her further involvement in the situation. It becomes obvious to her that if this sensitive material leaks to the general public it will shake the very foundations of society as we know it. A global conglomerate also wants to acquire this information in order to use it for its own purposes. As Jane delves deeper and deeper into the intricate web of conspiracy, she is contacted by the Resistance. This organization also works hard to make the best of the situation. Soon Jane has to decide which of the three sides to join; the government, the conglomerate or the Resistance. How will she use the secrets she is about to reveal? Will she make the right choice? Will she join the right side? Or will she keep everything to herself?"