Cartoon, Third Person

Developer: Dream Cauldron
Release: CNCL

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"The Journey of Iesir takes place in a land reminiscent of the medieval ages, yet has a story that integrates ideas as old as the legendary Vikings, and as modern as the hippie movement in the 1970's. The player takes the role of Michael, a wandering playwright among other things, and he sees Iesir and its troubles through the fresh eyes of a stranger, yet he becomes pivotal to the events that unfold in Iesir. Seeking both adventure and inspiration for his new screenplay, under the guidance of his mysterious Mentor, Mikael seeks out a Viking called Daniel Trondhjemsfjord, who needs help with a task that seems adventurous. What seems like a simple quest of stealing a old Viking painting soon turns out to be more then Mikael could have ever imagined... Who is his mysterious Mentor, who has set Mikael on a path that leads him to places he never imagined? How do the recent viking attacks along the coastline fit into Daniel's past, and Iesir's future? Why is there a demon-possessed, moose-headed alchemist in town?"