Cartoon, Puzzle

Developer: Afternoon Effect
Release: CNCL

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"The World - which our fluff hero lives - is a giantic tree with warm climate and full of strangest corners and amazing places, which offer many mysteries to solve. Locations are full of colors and details, and The World is full of life and juciy plants. But lets start with this: What are the Fluffs? They are small colorful creatures which adapt to wild environment of jungle. Thanks to their little size they are able to live inside fruits, tunnels and in trunks. They have created unique abilities to survive and thereby they are poisonous they were able to live in this land. But they are not dumb - our hero is not a "worm". Fluffs are smart and even though they are simpletons, they are very much alike humans, they are moody and sometimes funny. But their idyllic life is troubled by goblins which are jealous of Fluffs invincibility in jungle. Goblins unlike Fluffs, know a little bit of technology, which is still not so unknown for Fluffs."