First Person

Developer: Evermore Evolution
Release: 2013

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"You awaken with no memory of your past. Lost and confused you are encountered by a seraphim that believes you are the last hope to save their worlds. However you soon discover the truth of your cursed existence and learn that the fragile balance of this life could be restored or destroyed by your own hands. Betrayed by your own kin, you are left with little choice but to destroy your brother and face the shadow god to end this madness once and for all."

•  Η ελκυστική αρχική εντύπωση μιάς Mystικιστικής επιρροής, δέν κρατάει γιά πολύ, κι αυτό πού μένει τελικά είναι η ανάπτυξη RPG στοιχείων μέσα από μιά μονότοτονη καί κουτή διαδικασία.

Βαθμολογία: 1,5/5