Third Person

Developer: Jarosław Kuczek
Release: CNCL

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"The story revolves around a stolen New Dawn, a prototype of AI microchip developed at a huge cost by ZEN Technologies, a powerful corporation from Shanghai. John Kenner, the main protagonist, was one of ZEN’s best agents, a field work specialist and interrogation expert. A few months prior to the beginning of the game, his wife has been murdered as he witnessed helplessly. Since then, John has addicted himself from psychotropic drugs and was eventually thrown on the scrap heap. Unexpectedly, he is visited by his superior and is given the New Dawn case. He also has to commit to a treatment by taking a dose of a special medicine every few hours. John manages to trace back the stolen chip but as the mission evolves, new surprising facts surface and everything begins to resemble a nightmare where actual reality mixes with a virtual one. The second character is Hirari, a gynoid (female android) of a second generation (in game universe: off the shelf product). Hirari “works” in one of the night clubs in Purgatory – the underground part of the city. One night, purely by accident, her existence changes and a new, colorful world unfolds in front of her. However, she soon finds herself in the middle of a complex and dangerous play."