Mystery, Third Person

Developer: Brainchild
Release: 2016

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"The game is taking place in Victorian London in the shadow of a string of serial killings. Players will assume the role of Sydney Emerson, a thirty year old private investigator whose life isn’t unfolding the way he once hoped, his recent cases mostly involving locating missing pets. A turn of events sees Sydney forgoing his selfish nature and thrusting himself into perilous situations, not for love, sympathy, life or death, so why? He isn’t quite sure yet… Explore the seedy streets of Victorian London, searching the slums, taverns, opium dens and even Sydney’s dreams and hallucinations for clues and leads, meeting a host of interesting, insane, murderous and downright annoying characters while exploring the deeper human condition."

Στα [+]
•  Ομορφο, ενδιαφέρον, μέ καλογραμμένους διάλογους καί ικανοποιητική έκταση.

Στα [-]
•  Πάρα πολύ εύκολο. Τό μοναδικό σημείο πού θά δυσκολευτεί κανείς είναι ένα επιτραπέζιο παιχνίδι!
•  Οι πολλές φορές παρατραβηγμένοι σέ διάρκεια διάλογοι.

Βαθμολογία: 2/5

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