First Person

Developer: Streko-Graphics
Release: CNCL

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"The player plays the role of Gerad Kolly, an insurance fraud investigator. He is investigating the disappearance of a unique and extremely expensive statuette. Gerard’s investigation brings him to a certain Otto von Shtekel, a professor at the institute for dream research. Without knowing it, Kolly becomes involved in the battle between the last ruler of the ancient city Hypnosis and a strange reincarnation of the “Dream Warrior” who now stands in the emperor’s path. By using a combination of ancient artifacts combined with the latest advances in the dream vision technology the main hero learns to manipulate future events through other’s dreams, which gives him a significant advantage over his powerful enemies who are attempting to throw the real world into chaos by causing anarchy in the dream world. Kolly cant even begin to fathom the consequences if the battle that he is now involved in is lost."