Third Person

Developer: Not Quite Black And White
Release: CNCL

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"Months before the supposed day of judgement, the first tear ripped open the night sky and a terrible, wounded creature fell from it, its many arms flailing. Moments later another tear, another creature pursuing the first, firing arrows made from the embers of dead stars. These creatures were gods… and they were at war. The atmosphere tore open a thousand times more, spilling deities who fought so fiercely with their brothers and sisters that the bloodshed had overflowed into the realm of man. The humans were no longer the focus of their tyranny. Yet cities crumbled. Forests burned. And the sky lit up with fire. Amid the devastation, the evacuation sirens sounded. Terrified people headed in droves to the newly constructed god-towers. Engines deep within thrummed. Rockets flared. The stone monuments began crumbling to the ground, revealing colossal metal structures concealed within. From all over the planet, these stunning chrome ships - vessels fit for space travel - could be seen rising into the air, shedding their terrifying facades. A worldwide exodus had been kicked into motion. When it set to work, mankind had not been worshipping the gods - it had been defying them. One by one, the space vessels that had remained hidden for so long roared off, leaving behind a planet that could no longer be called home. The evacuees were left to imagine what had become of those who didn’t escape the war. Were they all dead? Could anyone have survived? Could anyone be there alone, wondering if they were the last human left in a cruel world of gods?"