Interactive Story

Developer: PostMod
Release: 2014

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"The Old City is an interactive story that attempts to deal with existentialist themes in a way that is typically neglected in the medium. Generally, and especially within the context of “indie” projects, the overall objective is to maximize the originality and complexity of gameplay and to minimize reliance on cinematic appeals or aesthetics. This is in response to what a lot of people refer to as “shallow” titles. There is (in our opinion) a well deserved frustration with titles that have little to no plot value and somewhat disappointing gameplay. However, this frustration is often translated into an undue neglect for aesthetics and story. A common phrase used in this context is “gameplay first.” The assumption is that anything other than the gameplay mechanics themselves is secondary and even unnecessary... We would like to challenge this assumption. Our basic goal with this game is two-fold. First, we want to deliver a meaningful and philosophical message using what is currently the best combination of media available (i.e, a game). Second, we want to take the elements of what make this medium great and highlight those that are often ignored. That is to say, while interactivity is generally praised over visual, audio, and conceptual aesthetics, we plan to minimize interactive complexity (gameplay) and maximize aesthetics to prove this point: any part of what makes a game a game can be the focus, as long as that element is of substantial quality, and as long as the other elements that support it are not nonexistent, but rather are just what they need to be to help the highlighted element stand out further. Thus, for our game, gameplay is simply a vessel that helps users immerse themselves in the world. It is not the focus. Story is our focus here."

•  "The folks at PostMod Softworks noted that three games that inspired them when making The Old City include Dear Esther, The Stanley Parable and Gone Home", γράφτηκε από κάποιον απ' αυτούς τους γραφιάδες πού αναδημοσιεύουν τά Δελτία Τύπου των κατασκευαστών, κι όπως λέει κι η παροιμία, "M' όποιον δάσκαλο καθίσεις, τέτοια γράμματα θα μάθεις...".

Βαθμολογία: 0/5

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