Science Fiction, Third Person

Developer: Sanctuary Interactive
Release: CNCL

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"Kass_Seti, a leading member of hacktivist group Analogue Dawn, wakes on the streets of New Soho with a hell of a headache. Her advanced cybernetic implants have malfunctioned, corrupting her memory, leaving her alone and offline on the streets of a London in crisis. The Internet is heavily censored with every major service locked behind extortionate paywalls. This has allowed a second system, the illicit Free//Net, to flourish. Rival hacker group Watchl1st have become the dominant force on the system, moving from protecting its open values online to militant action in the real world. Watchl1st's former allies Analogue Dawn strongly oppose this change and have declared war. Kass_Seti might be able to stop the violence, but first she has to repair the damage to her memory, not easy when she's in the wrong part of town with no way to call for help."