Third Person

Developer: GreGames
Release: CNCL

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"Disaster approaches the Roman Empire. The primitive Britannic tribes—which, incidentally, are much like their modern counterparts, but with better teeth—are about to launch a revolt of unimaginable proportions. Realizing they possess neither the martial nor culinary prowess to conquer Rome, the Britons have concocted a dastardly plan: to build an army of Anglo Squirrels. When released on Rome, this nefarious rodentia will consume the populace as if they were a particularly delicious acorn. Rome herself is no stranger to Botanical Warfare, having weathered the Great Squirrel Crises of 27, 29, and 34 – 40 AD. To solve such problems in the past, the Romans prayed to Vesta, Goddess of the Hearth and Squirrel Smitery. Unfortunately, an unknown force has weakened the gods, and Mount Olympus is crumbling. With the heavens in shambles, more and more Romans are converting to Calpurnipalianism—a mysterious religion which, founded by and devoted to the Empress Calpurnia, has recently attracted a slew of celebrity adherents, including the famed gladiator Necantio. After a fateful prophecy, Quintus, assistant publicist to Necantio, finds himself on a journey to save Rome from the brink of ruin. Can he uncover the Calpurnipalian Church's deadly secret, restore power to Olympus, and save Rome from the forces—squirrel and otherwise—that imperil it? He'd certainly better, for Rome depends on The Judgment of Quintus."