Horror, First Person

Developer: Dark Day Interactive
Release: 2015

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"Our daughter Carrie-Ann was a very special girl. The problem was she had issues learning in a normal school, we took her to St. Mary’s boarding school for gifted children. Carrie-Ann came home after the school holidays and told her she met Ava. We were thrilled. Carrie-Ann told us Ava told her some disturbing things. Things her parents did and things other people did to her. We told her she must stay away from her. One day Carrie-Ann called us saying that some of her fellow students had disappeared. We spoke to the teacher they said that they have ran away. We spoke to some of the missing children’s parents. They warned us to get our daughter out now. Luckily due to the investigation of the lost children the school is now closed. Carrie-Ann is now home with my ex-wife. I got a call from my ex telling me that Carrie-Ann running away from home and that she is starting to get really fed up with the stories and Carrie-Ann’s behavior. She told me that I should go and find her. We often argue with each other saying the other should help more. So I went to look for her and I would find her returning to the school waiting at the gates. She said she wants to be with her friend. We told her there is no one there. We brought her home, she ran away again this time she left a note telling us not to come and get her she wants to stay with Carrie-Ann. We researched the school and try to find out why the children are disappearing and the history of the building we discovered that before it was a school it was once a hospital that once did violent and horrific operations on its patients. We also found that the staff would simply ignore what was happening to its patients. They actually believed what was happening is the right thing to do. It wasn’t just adults but little children too. Luckily the government shut it down. After 40 years had passed it later became St. Mary’s boarding school for gifted children. Why we were not told this? I told my ex-wife that if she finds out more information, information I could use to ring my cell phone. As I arrive at the school she is not waiting by the gates has usual. I saw her shoe on the path leading the school doorway. I need to go inside and bring my daughter back..."