Third Person

Developer: Mayhem Games USA
Release: CNCL

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"Born to a nobility and now forced into feeding off rats in the streets, you begin your adventure as a simple vagabond begging townsfolk for what they can spare. More often than not, you end up with nothing more than a copper shilling and another restless night of sleeping in filth. However, your luck is about to change, for today marks the dawn of a new beginning for you. No more will you feed off vermin, without a place to call home. The Scoundrels Guild welcomes you. Victor Oreh is a man stricken with anger and a thirst for justice after he was wrongfully stripped of his previously acquired title of nobility—both his family's land and inheritance were taken away. Now, with nothing more than a cloak on his back and a dagger on his side, Victor seeks revenge by joining a small band of miscreants, known only as the Scoundrels. From a highly respected nobleman to an underworld rogue, Victor will do whatever it takes to have his revenge."