Interactive Story

Developer: Big Cow Studios
Release: 2016

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"Jack Glover was a police officer. His life hadn’t been particularly eventful in spite of his line of work; his patch was relatively peaceful, and most of his patrols were spent chatting with his partner. One day, however, something went terribly wrong (you can play the prologue in the demo to find out more), and he suffered an emotional trauma. Cut to forty years later, and we find Jack languishing in a care home, living out his remaining years in solitude. Suddenly, the phone rings; the caller is somebody connected with his past, and they want to meet with him. This phone call starts a chain of events which forces Jack back into the real world, where he must overcome the challenges that come with age; physical frailty, ignorance of modern technology, and, most importantly, his difficulty connecting with people."

•  Συμπαθητικά πιξελικά γραφικά, μετρημένοι διάλογοι αλλά φτάνοντας στό τέλος τού παιχνιδιού τό μόνο πού σού έχει μείνει είναι ένα αίσθημα απόλυτης σπατάλης χρόνου...

Βαθμολογία: 1/5