Science Fiction, Third Person

Developer: Arkavi Studios
Release: CNCL

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"Long, long ago, humanity was at the peak of its technological powers. Over-dependent on their creations, machines & robots, humans forgot how to live without them. One day a major catastrophe struck planet Earth, and the Human era was over - and thus began the Machine era. Intelligent machines found a way to survive, and turned their back on humanity, which had become obsolete. Hunted down like a disease that needed to be cured, humans had to hide from what once they relied on... robots. Today the world is very much changed. Cities have been reclaimed by nature, the world-wide human population has been reduced to a 3 digit number, and there are more robots than ever. Inside a giant bunker, a little girl and her faithful old robot remain, her parents left to get help, following an epidemic that killed nearly all of the bunker’s inhabitants. This girl knows nothing of the world outside, but when danger forces her to leave, only an old book and her old robot can help her on her journey to find her lost parents. But as fate would have it, she ends up discovering much, much more than she could have ever imagined."