Third Person

Developer: Bastrick Entertainment
Release: CNCL

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"Hector Heuff, an inspiring, ambitious (?) and totally not selfish shoemaker sees the King’s poster one day; "Thee who finds my beloved idol shall be rewarded generously", it reads. Hector sees his opportunity! To be rewarded handsomely, living like a nobleman, and eating fancy dinners for the rest of his life! But... things doesn't always go as planned, do they? (Besides, it would be sort of boring to make a game and have it play out exactly as planned, right?) Follow along and guide Hector through this puzzeling adventure-comedy taking place in Spain during the 1500s. Explore ancient temples, venture through deep and mysterious jungles, fight off pirates, guards and tribes-men, experience breathtaking shipwrecks and peek inside mysterious closets (under no circumstances will we tell you what's inside) and meet important people in certainly unexpected places. Discover Hector Heuff's world through his eyes, guide him through a fun game where almost anything's possible! Experience the casual, humorous, point-and-click game era from the early 90's again!"