Cartoon, Third Person

Developer: Pirita Studio
Release: CS

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"After the great cataclysm that devastated the earth in the 23rd century, mankind had to move to the dusty planet Mars. It wasn't a big deal, some imported plants and a special program for pet acclimatization were key to the success of the mission. Mars soon became the new home for the uprooted Earthlings, but in the meantime the earth remained uninhabitable and ignored. The great achievements of humanity, as the pyramids or the films of Humphrey Bogart were totally forgotten. Abandoned for 3,000 years, the earth recovered its stability and humans began to take their first steps towards moving back to their original home. The first teams of scientists were establishing base camps to research the old world. Biologists, engineers and especially excited archaeologists were in active search of remains of the ancient civilization. Henry and his team have been working for years on the ground, digging sXX mysterious mummies, old consoles and many objects “made in china”. Now they are looking for Nutropolis, a mystical city that, according to legend hide the great treasures of mankind. But they are not the only ones who are after it and their competitors can not be defined as peaceful. "