Cartoon, Third Person

Developer: Imaginarylab
Release: CS

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"July 25, 2016: Willy is at home, enjoying the summer holidays. 10 years have passed since the mysterious disappearance of his father, the famous archaeologist Henry Morgan. Like every the day postman comes: in addition to the usual advertising flyers, a strange letter draws Willy’s attention. The date on the envelope goes back to 10 years before: intrigued , Willy opens it to discover that it is a letter from his father. A few words precipitate the protagonist in the nightmare experienced in the past: “Dear William , if you received this letter, my mission was not successful. You must go as soon as possible to Bone Town, to the old inn : all starts from there, in the heat of a friend’s place.“ In all this time Willy, grown up without a father- figure, had to develop his wit and sense of humor to cope with life’s problems. Despite the police investigation , no clue, evidence or trace has been revealed that could indicate where and how archaeologist father disappeared: he seems to have evaporated in Bone Town, during a family holiday. Henry was in search of the mythical Adventure Galley, the pirate Kidd’s ship. Legend has it, Adventure Galley contained all the loot the pirate and his crew plundered in the years of their raids across the seas. Kidnapping , tragic fate? The doubt has plagued Willy and his mother for all these years..."