Third Person

Developer: Worm Animation
Release: 2017

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"“Beat the Game” is an adventure game that you make music. It combines surreal art and abstract stories with music making. You need to find items and sounds by exploring this surreal world. Each sound will bring new cutscenes and the story will build up. Sometimes you will combine a "soda can" with a "drumstick" and you will build your own hi-hat sample. Sometimes you will meet with a guy who makes bass line. You will also have some old school tech tools to help you. For example "Sound Scanner" is for listening distant sound and remote controlled "Roboball" with first person camera to find hidden objects quickly. You can mix your sounds with your mixer and create new combinations. After collecting all the sound samples, you will perform a live show. If the audience likes it, your ride will take you to the next level. "

•  Τραγικά μικρό, ασυνάρτητο καί ηλίθιο! Κρίμας τά υπέροχα γραφικά καί τά φοβερά animations!

Βαθμολογία: 0,5/5

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