Action, Third Person

Developer: Oruji Productions
Release: CS

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"The Girl of Glass takes place during a summer in the mid-20th century in a fictional European country. It is here we meet Kristal, the Girl of Glass, who after being orphaned a couple of years earlier has ended up in a circus of misfits. The circus has stopped travelling and Kristal wants nothing more but to see the world. One day a boy appears on the other side of the fence and when he hears Kristal's wish to leave, he offers her to run away with him. Kristal accepts it, but leaving the circus turns out to be more difficult than they thought. Weeks later, we find Kristal on a train in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly the train stops and a man in uniform takes Kristal into custody. She resists his grip and the officer responds with hitting her in the face. The impact creates a crack in her glass skin which quickly spreads across her whole body and ultimately shatters it. This is the end of the Girl of Glass but not the end of Kristal; because out of the glass dust her imago butterfly form emerges, she has finally hatched. While trapped in the glass body, Kristal saw and experienced the cruelty of The Eagle, the ruler of the state who seeks to build a strong nation by eliminating everyone who is different, and when she obtains the strength to fight it, she makes it her mission to end its tyranny."