First Person

Developer: Gawkfish Studios
Release: 2016

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"Veilia is an exploration adventure game, which focuses on the story of Veilia, a cursed girl who has been separated from her body. It is now your job to help her in her search for her old body as well as the sorcerer that took it from her."

•  Υπάρχει πιό κάτω κι από τό "0 Σέ Ολα?". Γιατί άν υπάρχει, βρίσκεται εδώ, κρυμμένο μέσα στήν άγνοια καί τήν αφέλεια ενός έφηβου (υποθέτω) κατασκευαστή.

Βαθμολογία: 0/5

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