Horror Interactive Story

Developer: Stormlord Games
Release: 2016

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"Atherton Manor, or ‘Blood Manor’ as it is more affectionately known, is an estate located in the sleepy woods of rural Ohio. Originally owned by the affluent Atherton family, Atherton Manor was built 1892 as a homestead for his family. In 1900, the house was partially burned to the ground by its original owner Cain Atherton, after murdering his wife, sister in law and daughter leaving his youngest son, Edgar Atherton, the sole heir to the Atherton fortune. At seventeen, Edgar left Ohio to travel the world, taking part in scholarly pursuits in archeology, theology and fine art. In 1909 he fell in love with the stunningly beautiful Eve Montgomery, and took her as his wife. A year later the couple returned to Ohio, taking residence in Edgar’s ancestral home. They were a picture perfect family with one exception; Atherton Manor is suspected to have claimed over three dozen victims including the Athertons and their two children. Over the next twenty five years, the house continued to earn its reputation as Blood Manor, claiming over thirty three alleged victims. Of those thirty three, only a handful have been confirmed. The house has been investigated numerous times by various law enforcement and paranormal investigation organizations, throughout the years. At least once a decade a new crop of investigators pull the band aid off the old house to no avail or inconclusive or on many occasions suspect findings. The fact that the FBI currently has 136 missing person reports associated with the Atherton homestead extending to the grounds surrounding the Manor, only continues to encourage superstition. It is important to note that most of these reports have been dismissed as complete urban legend. It is now up to you to discover for yourself and posterity, if Blood Manor is truly haunted or not."

Στα [+]
•  Η δυνατότητα ν' αμύνεσαι στίς επιθέσεις τών αδικοχαμένων ψυχών, χωρίς νά χρειάζεται νά τό βάζεις στά πόδια ή νά κρύβεσαι...
•  Η βιντεοσκοπημένη κίνηση.

Στα [-]
•  Εξοργιστικά κατευθυνόμενο. Μ' εξαίρεση τίς σκηνές όπου θά πρέπει ν' αμυνθείς στίς επιθέσεις πού δέχεσαι από τά κατοικοεδρεύοντα στό παλιό αρχοντικό "φαντάσματα", δέν σού επιτρέπεται η παραμικρή πρωτοβουλία κινήσεων. Θά πάς όπου θέλει τό παιχνίδι, θά μπείς σέ όποιο δωμάτιο θέλει τό παιχνίδι, θά δείς ό,τι σού υποδεικνύει νά δείς τό παιχνίδι, θά διαβάσεις πάμπολλα σημειώματα μέ τή σειρά πού θέλει τό παιχνίδι...
•  Ακόμα καί σάν Interactive Story νά τό δεί κανείς, πάλι το gameplay του είναι εντελώς απαράδεκτο!

•  Πιό πολύ μοιάζει μέ παρακολούθηση κάποιας ταινίας τρόμου παρά μέ παιχνίδι! Αρκεί νά δεί κανείς τό συγκεκριμένο Video γιά νά καταλάβει περί τίνος πρόκειται...

Βαθμολογία: 0,5/5

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