Third Person

Developer: Silicon Echo Studios
Release: CNCL

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"The game is set in the present time but in an alternate world where GMO plants and seeds have taken over agriculture and have soon after caused extinction of original natural plants. The new seeds have then turned bad as they have developed an illness which affects humans as well as those plants. And the world was in panic. But there was one person who saw all of that coming, Dr. Meanstein. Eugene Meanstein is a notorious biologist who spent his life studying herbs and plants of all kinds. He was the only person powerful enough to even try to make a difference, so he did try. But he wasn't strong enough. He presented to the world an idea he had been working on for years - a project to replant crops and plants on a global scale, all over our world. Dr. Meanstein lives on his estate on his own island. Over the years, he had created a huge garden full of mysteries. But what is most important, he managed to preserve all essential seeds and plants and keep them safely hidden inside the garden. This is why Dr. Meanstein has tragically and mysteriously disappeared a couple of days ago. Some say he was murdered, others say he fled because ha was an enemy of the Capital. But there are some people who still believe in him and are willing to do all it takes to pull his idea off! The strongest of them are the people from S.E.E.D."