Science Fiction, First Person

Developer: Sky Trail Studio
Release: 2017

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"You get the role of an inmate of undisclosed background who is completing the last few days of their sentence aboard a prison vessel that is owned by a clandestine, quasi­-governmental agency called Orbitek. During each playthrough, the player experiences the last few days of the prisoner's sentence in orbit. The prisoner performs his daily routines onboard the vessel and follows the orders of an Orbitek warden given through an intercom. That is of course, if you choose to follow them. The missions vary greatly from general maintenance tasks to daring and valorous exploits! In between them, the player can explore the inmate module he is trapped in. The game has many varying endings and with each playthrough, the experience differs."

•  Αυθεντικό προιόν Steamιανής σαβούρας.

Βαθμολογία: 0/5