Third Person

Developer: Nellie Johansson
Release: CNCL

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"You play as Laura, the young protagonist in our world that is suffering from an overall collapse. Society seems to slowly fall apart with, people disapear, no new ideas and memories fading away. But Why? Nobody knows. In all this Laura is trying to run the family bookshop and Book restoration firm while taking care of her sick grandmother. One day though, Laura's world changes as a mysterious man arrives at the bookstore and leaves her with a book. When it opens... London fades away, and Laura finds herself in a library, accompanied by the mysterious chronicler. She finds out that there are far more worlds than ours, suffering from similar problems. Each represented by a book in the Chroniclers library. He tells you that something is destroying the worlds from within, and he needs YOU to help him fix it... As Laura you travel through the worlds searching for the cause of their decay, acompanied by your faithful cat Scruffy and guided by the Chronicler and his assistants."