Mystery, Third Person

Developer: Btf
Release: CS

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"A thrilling mystery adventure game set in rural Germany in the late 1960s. The player takes the role of young american physicist Tannhauser, who happens to end up in the eponymous village of Trüberbrook, an ageing but beautiful health resort somewhere in the remote and densely forested countryside of West Germany. Tannhauser, while working on his PhD thesis, comes to Trüberbrook seeking to crack a tiresome mental block. But the closer he gets with the gruffy but warm-hearted hicktown villagers, something seems strangely spaced out. He soon suspects that in this lovely village, there is more than meets the eye. As the story proceeds, the superficial native german “heimat” setting evolves into an increasingly puzzling sci-fi mystery. Tannhauser teams up with Gretchen, a paleoanthropologist seeking to unravel the folkloristic mysteries surrounding the village. He also bumps into the enigmatic inventor Lazarus Taft, a stranded traveler yearning for home."