Interactive Story

Developer: Handle Order
Release: 2017

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"The action takes place in 1901 in a small alley – pereulok – in the southern city of the Russian Empire. You will have to play for one of the three inhabitants of that alley. They live here a long time, they know everyone here. But small communities always conceal the unexpected. In the first episode low-ranking clerk simply wants to rest on a day off, but a longtime companion gets the hero into solving his own problems, sending him for an unfortunate son. You will find yourself in the atmosphere of newsreels of the beginning of the XX century, among the historically authentic situation. Events are based on real historical facts. Russian literature. The plot of Pereulok: The Series was based on the stories and characters described in Russian classics. Here you will find Dostoevsky, Bulgakov, Tolstoy. You will find yourself among the filth and vices of those years."