Third Person

Developer: Live In The Game
Release: CS

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"Our story takes place in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, during the early 1800s where our writer protagonist, Edgar Allan Poe, can’t escape the ghosts of his past. Though, more importantly, he can’t defeat the monster of his present- writer’s block! To overcome his present situation he seeks the aid of a muse, but finds himself to be a prisoner within his own mind. A mind that birthed poems such as, “The Raven”, and “Annabel Lee.” You must live vicariously through Mr. Poe to navigate the dreamscape. Doing so involves solving puzzles, discovering unusual artifacts, and exploring the gloomy environment full of suspicious characters!.. A classically inspired point-and-click adventure game where you’re invited to experience numerous dark tales from the master of macabre himself- Edgar Allan Poe! "