Third Person

Developer: Tiny Mold Games
Release: CS

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"You find yourself in the dilapidated industrial town of Mayonez where you ended up unexpectedly after being used to a comfortable life in the West. Being unhappy with the current situation, you seek your way to the glorious leader’s office. The waiting list is long, but some citizens are willing to hand you their ticket in exchange for help. These residents all have unique personalities that enrich Mayonez and make it slightly more alive. Characters are almost always eager to talk about the latest village scandals and ask for free help - sending you on quests! Quests can have different outcomes depending on your choices. You can learn new skills through our small RPG system that affects your dialogue choices, making every playthrough a little bit different. The quests will send you through a non-linear story, with multiple locations such as the city, forest and farms that are always open to explore freely."