Puzzle 3D

Developer: Hronos Game
Release: 2018

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"In the game you are waiting for a lot of mysteries, based on physics and logic. Immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of the game Chronon, music and stylish graphics as well as many diverse puzzles await you. The main task is to solve puzzles and collect the necessary items to open doors that limit the player's path. The game has a lot of various puzzles, logic and physical interaction with the environment. Solving the puzzle, the player gets the object that is needed to solve the puzzle opening the way to the next location. To solve some puzzles, the player has to move or rotate objects and interact with them, build a path or activate closed puzzles. For other purposes, the player only needs logic, a player, with puzzles and builds a path from beginning to end, to get the items necessary for passage. Each task is unique in its own way, a part of the puzzles can be solved in different ways and doing it yourself."