Third Person

Developer: RuneCraft
Release: 1999

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"Dharke Manor is a house, that was originally built in the year 1876 and in the 20's of the 19th century was partially reconstructed by Aleister Dharke, an eccentric businessman and author of suspense stories. After his death, Dharke's electronics company used the house for extrication and experiments and much was changed and added. As the age of the micro-chip began, the efforts of Dharke Electronics concentrated on the development of advanced robots and artificial intelligence. So Dharke's house became the test area for these new developments and finally a fully computerized house with robot servants, automatic garbage disposal and control of all mechanisms. In the 90's the company decided to sell the house, since many of the secret projects did not run as required, and there was more annoyance than assumed with the artificial intelligence. Naturally the attorneys of Dharke Elelctronics prepared a waterproof contract to avoid compensation titles from the new owner. Exactly at this time it happened that Buster Everman, an inconspicuous employee of the company, won a large prize in a lottery and wanted to carry out his dream of a big house. Buster didn't want to wait, until he could move in properly, but started immediately after the purchase to occupy the house and that just on New Year's Eve of the year 1999 without the smallest notion that hardly one of the systems in the house was year-2000-compatible. The only person, however, paying still some attention to those things is Candace, a programmer of Dharke Electronics and also Buster's girl friend. She succeeded in programming an upgrade for the main computer. On New Year's Eve she is on her way to Dharke Manor to install the software..."