Third Person

Developer: Synergistic Software
Release: 1993

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"I reckon yall' know us Clampetts - I'm Jed, then there's Elly May, Jethro, an' Granny. Well, this here's our computer adventure, an' you're fixin' to play me. With some mighty fine huntin' an' shootin', we'll find oil an' make my kin millionaires. Then we're off to Beverley... Hills that is. Once there, we'll feel much obliged to throw a good ol'-fashioned hoedown to show the local folks some hillbilly hospitality... try Granny's tonic... you git the picture. The humdinger of it all is that someone goes an' kidnaps Granny out of our own mansion, right in the middle of the festivities. With some help from Jethro and Elly May, we'll go a searchin' for clues to this mind-boggling crime. If we can uncover some secrets, mix up some homemade concoctions an' such, then I reckon we can rescue Granny and finally git to feelin' at home in Beverley. Whoo-ee, I didn't know these thinkin' machines could do so much!"