Cartoon, Third Person

Developer: Click Shake Games
Release: CNCL

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"For those who have violated the rules, life is bleak. With a "blind" security badge they only have one of two choices, eke out an existence in the dangerous wilds of the "Blindzone" or work for one of the many local gangsters that fester in the shadows of the Green Zone ghettos. Employment in the under belly of society means becoming a "Favor Collector". An armed mercenary willing to do what the rest of society can't and operating outside of the ever watchful gaze of the Galactic Ministry of Regulation. Blackmail, theft, assassination - there is no deed too illegal for a "Favor Collector". Our story follows one such collector working for Sirius Frost, an especially repugnant gangster who rules the southern slums. Heavily in favor debt, the nameless assassin grinds out an existence taking on whatever illegal activity is requested of him. In return Sirius grants him a hacked ID badge, allowing him to blend in with the rest of society instead of being banished to the "Blindzone" by the Galactic Ministry. He dreams of once again living a normal life, but with an almost insurmountable debt load, collecting favors seems to be a permanent part of his future. Until one day, when during a routine collection assignment he stumbles upon a downed space craft. Inside he finds a body with a high level ID badge and one small favor that, if completed, could wipe his debt clean and give him the new life he craves. But as he soon finds out, a small favor can quickly become a big one."