Cartoon, Third Person

Developer: Robot Gentleman Studios
Release: CNCL

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"Meet Thomas Pancake. A gentleman of fine age, who has had a good, long run. Unfortunately, it was not one that made him happy. His regrets push him to dive into the past and alter the decisive moments of his life. Will these changes make his life better or worse? Will they change it at all? It is up to you, as you travel through Pancake’s memories, discovering his humble beginnings, bitter endings and other episodes that made him the sad man, he is today. Players guide the title protagonist through a series of episodes from his life and explore each environment, trying to make sense of its context and bring it to one of many conclusions. Not everything will make sense, not everything will be real. Thomas will have to talk to people from his past, resolve expected and unexpected situations and make both trivial and life-changing choices."