Fantasy, First Person

Developer: M. Jordan, T. Schroder, A. Masterton
Release: CNCL

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"Sehv Tsahno was an Age originally written by Atrus for "experimental" purposes. All the Age consisted of, was a large and barren desert crater. Years later, and after imprisoning Atrus, Sirrus and Achenar had run out of Ages to plunder. Having destroyed nearly all other Ages in Myst's library, they became desperate to find an Age that they could successfully rule over. They found their father's 'unfinished' Age known as Sehv Tsahno. Sirrus in his crazed and greedy state, decided to 'finish' the Age, though not knowing the first thing about The Art, he merely plagiarized descriptions from other Ages, including Channelwood, Everdunes, Selenitic, Edanna and Mechanical. They wrote all the things they desired into the Age, as well as many man-made objects, not knowing the consequences. When Sirrus had finished writing his Age, he hesitated to link not knowing if it had worked or if it was unstable. At that point Achenar had found the two forbidden Red and Blue books. Thinking these were Ages of greatness, they trapped themselves, leaving the corrupt Age on Myst. After he had been freed by "The Stranger" and after the events of Riven, Atrus found the Age hidden in the otherwise burnt shelves of Myst's library. Reading through it's pages he was shocked by it's new additions. To make the Age stable, he had made many corrections and deletions to the book. Atrus eventually traveled there, though the Age seemed to boast some bizarre qualities. Atrus was always apprehensive as to whether the book should have been destroyed or not. Nothing else is known about the Age at this time."