Third Person

Developer: [Βracket] Games
Release: CNCL

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"The game begins with the disappearance of Eli Windham in 1978. Three years out from a third tour in Vietnam, Eli has a history of erratic behavior driven by the use of drugs and alcohol to cope with the trauma of his experiences at war. With the help of his sister, Susannah, he had been taking action to put his life back together, getting a job at a tire factory and attempting to break his spell of isolation deep in the woods of Alabama. Things seem to be going well, until he vanishes. The police are hesitant to investigate – they've dealt with Eli's drinking and drug use before and expect he'll show up soon, hung-over and apologetic. Susannah refuses to believe this interpretation of events and convinces her other brother, Nate, to return to Alabama from Colorado to help her find Eli. As they search, they begin to find evidence that Eli may not have just disappeared; he may have been taken by something extraterrestrial."