First Person

Developer: Faravid Interactive
Release: CNCL

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"It is a few generations in the future. Humanity has had the chance to see the awakening of artificial super intelligence, but chose to pull the plug just in time, fearful of the consequences. As a result, much of the infrastructure and technology of the modern world collapsed, as it was so dependant on computers and robotics. Larger cities were abandoned, and people formed self-sustaining tribes wherever possible. Societies are once again concerned with the preserving of energy and collecting of basic resources. Cyberspace and AI are but slowly fading memories, although relics of a much more advanced technology are ubiquitous. Even though any technological research aimed at creating artificial intelligence has been banned by authorities world-wide, underground movements, almost cult-like, secretly struggle to again awake what they regard as the final true deity in a godless world. Governmental agents work undercover to hunt down such rebels. Officially on a routine mission to investigate a murder, you arrive in a nordic outpost to identify and expose what authorities believe is an operational rebel cell."