Cartoon, Third Person

Developer: Crea Team
Release: 2018

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"Brothers, this story begins this morning when I woke up and applied some usual makeup on my scary face. After that I leaved my house. By the way, I was planning to visit the toilet room but I didn’t do that. Oh. I felt a little pain bellow the stomach. But it was too late. I’ve remembered last evening, you know, like an American soldier who can’t forget the war in Vietnam. That evening I ate some strange dish – it was mommy’s vegetable stew which stand in refrigerator more then week. Realizing my obvious mistake, I hoped that I could avoid the illegal crossing of the border of my ass before I get home. Ok, I arrived at my destination and had already forgotten about the morning incident. But that naughty girl destiny decided to play a cruel joke with me. Yeah, my brothers, I wanted to release my feces… (с) The protagonist"