Horror, First Person

Developer: Litchigame
Release: 2019

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"A man wakes up from the nightmare. Again. Every time he closes his eyes he sees images of evil paper dolls attacking him. Sleepless, confused, terrified...and now he's haunted by imaginary sounds. At dawn, he will take his daughter to his ex-wife. He must. Driving on this road always makes him sad. “If it wasn't for my depression, our relationship wouldn't end like this." "What’s the meaning of my life?" Horror begins... He is so deeply immersed in these thoughts that he can’t even hear his daughter’s voice, "Look out!." The imaginary sounds grow stronger. Then, a crash...When he wakes up, he finds himself in a deserted and ancient eastern mansion. Everything here seems strange, yet eerily familiar... Will the man find his daughter and get out safely with her?"

•  Ερασιτεχνική σαβούρα, βασισμένη στήν ικανότητά σου νά πατάς αμέσως τά πλήκτρα πού προβάλλονται στήν οθόνη ή στό νά βρίσκεις στήν τύχη τήν διαδρομή πού πρέπει ν' ακολουθήσεις προκειμένου νά σωθείς από τούς διώκτες σου.

Βαθμολογία: 0/5

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